Chieti: cultural city of the Abruzzi

This beautiful town in the eastern Abruzzi is divided into two parts: the old town “Chieti Alta” and the industrial area “Chieti scale”.

Chieti Alta was built on hills above the rest of the city and in contrast to Chieti scale it offers countless sightseeing spots. The old town has kept its charm and fascinates visitors with its many palaces, historic shops and nice cafes.

The Tempietti Romani extend to Chieti’s most famous street, the Corso Marrucino. The churches and temples that have stood there once, were destroyed and rebuilt many times, but a few ruins from antiquity have been preserved.

Besides the temples, there are a theater and a thermal bath, which belong to the Roman era, too. In the thermal bath you can admire the technical achievements of the Romans. Their systems for ventilation and for heating the pools are phenomenal.

The National Museum of Archaeology in Chieti, which has already been designated “Museum of the Year in Europe”, shows wonderful statues. Apart from a seated Hercules and an Aphrodite, the Warrior of Capestrano is the most famous piece of the museum. Another highlight is the huge collection of numismatic coins with more than 15,000 exemplars.

The breathtaking view of the hills of Chieti Alto would be worth a holiday in Chieti by itself, but as you can see, this quaint city in the Abruzzi has much more to offer.