L'Aquila: just magic!

L'Aquila, which means “the eagle”, has a short but eventful history. After several severe earthquakes and numerous rebellions against its oppressors, the city was destroyed and rebuilt a few times.

Today it offers the visitor a colorful mix of many styles, like there exist medieval and baroque buildings just as modern ones. The inhabitants of L’Aquila in the Abruzzi have never been discouraged though and so this proud city shows a joy in life and a hospitality as not many other cities.

If you have once been in some local quaint bars and restaurants, you’ll quickly become familiar with the magic number 99 and its relation to the city. Legend has it that L'Aquila was built by the union of 99 forts, each with its own church, plaza and fountain. To this day, the bell every evening still rings 99 times.

The Fontana delle 99 Cannelle, L'Aquila’s top attraction, has the magical number already in its name. In reality, however, there are 93 stone masks, which spy water into a wonderful fountain. The origin of the water, so the story goes, is still unknown.

If you’ve already been taken by the magic of the city, you might think of a spell too, when you first see the Gran Sasso, the “Great Stone”. After the Alps, the Apennines have the highest mountains in Italy and offer hikers and skiers an absolute paradise – 150 km away from the beaches on the Adriatic Sea.

Do you want to hear more stories and experience your own adventures? Then you should spend your next holiday in L'Aquila, the magical city of the Abruzzi.