Pescara: Perle by the Adriatic Sea

Pescara is situated at the mouth of the river with the same name. With more than 120,000 inhabitants it is the largest city in the Abruzzi. Thanks to an international airport, several railway stations and a huge port Pescara ranks among the most important transport and trade centers of the region.

So it is quite likely that you will make a stopover in Pescara, if you are planning a holiday in the Abruzzi. Then you should also stay for while in the city. In summer you can spend a wonderful beach holiday at the Adriatic Sea – in winter you’ll have amazing ski mountains in the Apennines at your disposal. Pescara is also known for its many museums and exhibitions, which include paintings by Picasso, Miró and other great artists.

Pescara’s most famous son was Gabriele D'Annunzio. The writer was an important representative of the fin de siècle and the symbolism and he is still worshiped today throughout Italy. The universities in Pescara and Chieti are named after D’Annunzio and his birthplace has been restored and opened to the public. You should take a look at that!

Jarno Trulli, who was also born in Pescara, was a successful Formula One driver till 2011. Until 1961 there were organized a lot of car races on the Pescara Circuit. The most prestigious one was the Grand Prix of Pescara in 1957: That was the longest and probably the most spectacular Formula One racing in history. Although they have no races anymore, you should have a look at this unique course, which is still worth it.

Not far from Pescara, there is still much more to discover. Numerous nature reserves such as the Gran Sasso National Park are just a few kilometers from the city. So this town offers something for every traveler – from ski or beach holiday and beautiful nature to a variety of cultural treasures and art. Pescara is a must for any holiday in the Abruzzi!