Aosta Valley: mountain region par excellence

With regard to area and number of inhabitants Aosta Valley – also called Valle d’Aosta or Vallée d’Aoste – is the smallest region in Italy. However, as regards its imposing mountain ranges, the area ranks among the biggest ones.

The autonomous Italian-French region Aosta Valley is located between Piedmont, Switzerland and France and nestles in the most fascinating mountain sceneries of Northern Italy. Not for nothing there is the Mont Blanc – the highest peak of the Alps. So it is perfectly obvious that around the capital Aosta eager winter sportsmen and alpinists will find an absolute paradise.

The region itself consists in a relatively wide main valley that follows the course of the river Dora Baltea. Without any doubt in Aosta Valley mountains play the leading part. Probably therefore the region isn’t subdivided into classic provinces, but organized into eight mountain communities.