Bari, vacation in the south of Italy

Bari, in Apulia, is the third most important city in southern Italy, it develops mostly on the coast, along 42 km; its territory is mostly flat but it has also the plateau of the Murgia . The city goes from 0 to 131 meters above sea level. The town hall is located 5 meters above sea level.

In Bari you can breathe a typically Mediterranean atmosphere, with hot dry summers and mild winters, it almost never rains in Bari, the ideal time for those who love sea.

Bari is located in a central position in Apulia and thanks to this it is an ideal starting point  for exploring the beautiful sights environs. In a radius of 70 km you can found for example, the cathedral of Trani, Barletta castle, the historic center of Gravina, Castel del Monte, the Forest Mercadante, the cities of Conversano, Polignano a Mare, the caves of Castellana and the trulli of Alberobello.
Also the other cities of Apulia as Foggia, Taranto, Brindisi and Lecce, are easy to reach, thanks to good road and rail links.

In Bari there is a convenient airport, ideal for those who arrive here from far away and its port was the destination of many cruise routes. The old town and the promenade have been recently redeveloped, creating public beaches such as those Pane e Pomodoro and Torre Quetta. Also available bike paths and parks to relax and do some 'exercise.