Lecce - In the heart of Salento

Lecce is the capital of Apulia and has about 95,600 inhabitants. It is located in the Salento, in a flat and densely populated area.

There is no doubt that Lecce is the largest cultural center of the peninsula of Salento and probably of Apulia. The old town, is built mostly in the Baroque style with the characteristic white local stone, the stone of Lecce. Home, churches, monuments, palaces and military constructions here are of incredible beauty, so that the city is also known as the Florence of the South.

Among the main churches, the Basilica of Santa Croce, symbol of Lecce, built between 1549 and  1695 and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, which is located in the center of the square, the Cathedral was first built in 1144 , then in 1230.

The city of Lecce based its economy especially on oil, wine, cereals, craft with pottery and paper and of course on tourism, cultural and bathing.

The territory of Lecce boasts about 20 km of coastline along the Adriatic Sea. The coast is mostly sandy, with long stretches of beach along which there are sand dunes. Along the coast you can see the fortifications, built in the sixteenth century to cope with the incursions of the Saracens.

In the area of Lecce, people speaking the typical dialect of Salento! The Salento peninsula is characterized by common traits that distinguish it from the rest of the region.