Taranto - Under the sun of Apulia

Taranto is located in the famous peninsula of Salento, famous for its beauty, its culture and its traditions. Taranto is the second largest municipality of Apulia.

The entire province of Taranto consists of 28 municipalities, all smaller than Taranto. The city faces the Gulf of Taranto that extends between two seas: the Mar Grande and Mar Piccolo.

Taranto is home of an important industrial center with steelworks, petrochemical and shipbuilding. Other main activities in the province are: agriculture, fisheries, industry of food, textiles, crafts, woodworking, glass and ceramics as well as the liquor industry.

In Taranto, there are many historical monuments that testify its historical and cultural importance such as the remains of the Doric Temple, the archaeological remains of the greek-roman necropolis. You can also admire the palaces belonging to noble families and famous people of the city, including Palazzo Pantaleo and Ayala Valva.

For lovers of the sea, there are beaches to relax and begin to enjoy the sun, such as Castellaneta, Ginosa, Manduria and Maruggio with Campomarino.