Cosenza - The city of "Bruzi"

Cosenza, also called "city of Bruzi" is a town of almost 70,000 inhabitants of the region Calabria and one of the city with the oldest history. It also hosts the largest Italian university.

Cosenza, for its history dedicated to culture and education, is also identified as the Athens of Calabria. Even today the deep roots of art and culture can be admired in the artistic heritage of the city!

The beautiful cathedral of Cosenza, for example, by 2011 was officially listed as a UNESCO World Heritage property.

Cosenza is situated in the so-called Valle dei Crati, about 200 meters high, surrounded by the mountains of the Catena Costiera, Sila and Pollino and this gives it a very special microclimate, making almost no influence of the sea.

In Cosenza there is also a planetarium, which will be one of the largest of the south and that compete with those of Naples and Palermo. It will be one of the most versatile planetariums in Italy.

Unfortunately tourism in Cosenza, in spite of the landscape, historical and artistic heritage, is not valued enough. Despite this, its historic center is considered by many art experts, one of the most beautiful in Italy.

Cosenza is situated in a strategic position, near the most famous coastal resorts such as Praia a Mare, Scalea, Diamante, Belvedere Marittimo, Cetraro, Paola and much more.