Reggio Calabria: modern and versatile

Reggio di Calabria is an Italian town of 186,417 inhabitants, it is the most populous municipality in the region. Reggio Calabria is considered one of the 15 metropolitan Italian cities and a functional pole of a much larger area that also includes the nearby city of Messina, in Sicily.

It is located right on the toe of the slopes of the Aspromonte, in the center of the Mediterranean and enjoys a unique panorama over Sicily, Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands.

In Reggio Calabria, there is one of the most important museums of Ancient Greece. Inside you can admire beautiful Bronzes of Riace, rare example of Greek sculpture of the time.

Reggio Calabria is a modern and versatile city. This is also due to the reconstruction suffered from the city after the devastating earthquake of 28th December 1908 that destroyed much of the town.

In the historic center of Reggio Calabria can be seen mostly Art Nouveau buildings, arranged along the coastline dotted with magnolias and palms.

The area of Reggio is especially fertile, so here is a thriving agricultural economy, thanks mainly to the climate and the abundance of water. Here are grown mostly oil, grapes and citrus fruits such as bergamot, became for its spread in the area, the city symbol.

Culture lovers will be spoiled for choice on the monuments to visit in Reggio Calabria!