Campania- typically Italian

In no other region of Italy the question of what is typically Italian can be better pursued than in Campania. The mild Mediterranean climate, the cultural and historical heritage, scenic beauty as well as the hearty cuisine make Campania to a thoroughly typical Italian region.

As one of the most southern Italian regions Campania is located along the Tyrrhenian coast. It is a thoroughly lively and vivacious country that offers its young and young-at-heart visitors everything the heart desires and surprisingly even more they can imagine.

The trip through Campania begins at the sea. The intense colors of the sea, of the beaches and cliffs, as well as the formation of the islands of Capri and Ischia are Campania’s real astonishing natural wonders. Lush Mediterranean vegetation and small charming villages give it an infallible charm.

The Vesuvius, a spectacular creation of Mother Earth, brings fertility and discomfort to the region and shows its elemental power solemn to its inhabitants. And then there is the lively and vivacious Naples, the city where modernity and popularity, sacred and profane, serene and melancholy prospects meet and ensure an unforgettable experience.