Caserta- The splendour of the Bourbons

The province of Caserta with its magical atmosphere knows how to provide unforgettable experiences. In its heart, art and nature are joined together with the testimonials of the ancient empires and form a symphony of colours, smells and festivals.

A fresh breeze caresses the mountain plateau, here and there giant grapes and olive trees line the landscape, the parks and the nature reserves enchant in their varied rainbow colors: an extraordinary natural landscape enriches the area around Caserta. On the coast, white sand beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea provide an ideal scenario for a relaxing holiday surrounded by the fresh sea air. Hiking or riding on a horseback, mountain biking, and climbing round the adventure off.

In Caserta the voices of the past are loud and clear. Numerous monuments of the glorious Roman Empire, medieval churches and cathedrals they all testify the power of its ancient inhabitants. One of the greatest and most glorious buildings is undoubtedly the monumental palace of the Bourbon king out of the 18th century, the second Versailles, as it is also known affectionately.

Colorful festivals light up the streets of the little town with folk songs and dances. Enjoy a stay in Caserta, with all its thousands of aromas, colors and flavors. Exquisite delicacies prepared of simple ingredients according to the traditional family recipes enrich the local cuisine and enchant your palate.