Naples- the Pizza’s birthplace

The astonishing southern Italian portal city of Naples is surrounded by the Sorrentine Peninsula. The UNESCO declared the distinctive old city centre a World Heritage Site.

The city which is dominated by the imposing Mount Vesuvius enchants small and tall thanks to its proximity to the seaside. Naples is the third largest city of Italy and the capital of Campania. The big city, located at the Gulf Naples enchants its visitors especially thanks to its mild climate, the rich history and diverse attractions. With all senses you discover the many Neapolitan traditions, churches, catacombs, culinary delicacies and the mystical Neapolitan underground.

If the weather conditions allow, you can even enjoy a breathtaking view over the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida. Just a few minutes away the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum are of great archeological value. In the worldwide famous National Museum you can explore the many treasures from Pompeii.

The old town with its narrow winding streets, the mysterious catacombs and churches forms the heart of Naples. Fishers praise its products screaming loudly in the typical Neapolitan dialect, between two rows of houses flutters the laundry, various art treasures of the great Italian masters and the distinctive southern folk culture have been the driving inspiration for many artists.

When you think about Naples, the mind goes right to the famous Pizza Napolitana. Delicious dishes with pasta, fresh fish and seafood as well as the joy of living that pervades every angel of the city spoil your senses. Lately not to forget the distinctive and intensely aromatic coffee and liqueurs- a must for every tourist.