Italian cities of art

It is quiet difficult to define the cities of art in Italy, because many towns come up with one or more cultural particularities. Anyway among the classical destination for culture lovers have to be mentioned the “eternal city” Rome, the lagoon town Venice, the renaissance centers Florence and Siena and the southern Italian metropolis Naples.

First and foremost these cities are known for their vast range of artworks and objects of cultural value, varying from paintings through sculptures to architecture. Finally almost everybody knows the Roman Colosseum, the Piazza San Marco in Venice or the Uffizi in Florence.

But this isn’t good enough by half as regards the villages in Italy, which are rich in arts and culture. Many other cities, partly at first sight unimpressive ones have available some very interesting specialties. Pisa for example is noted for its Leaning Tower, Pompeii is full of archaeological excavations, in Milan you can see one of the biggest cathedrals of the world, the roman amphitheater in Verona is the scene of unforgettable operas and in Turin you may visit a wonderful Egyptian Museum – in order to name just a few.

If you are interested in art and culture we recommend you at any rate a discovery tour through the cultural variety of Italy!