Music in Italy

Whether classical music or pop, arias or folksy round dances, Italians love almost every kinds of music, because it is a perfect way to express the lust for life which they are famous for. There is no ceremony, no festival, no chummy night without famous and less famous songs.

On the one hand the great importance of music in Italy can be recognized by numerous internationally famous musicians, singers and composes of all kinds. For instance rock and pop stars like Zucchero, Vasco Rossi, Gianna Nannini, Eros Ramazotti or Tiziano Ferro present in European hit parades.

Strong-voiced vocalists, first of all Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli, have enriched the opera world around the globe; Ennio Morricone has played an important role for film score and also Adriano Celentano, Paolo Conte, Jovanotti, Nino d’Angelo and many others are well-known among music lovers.

On the other hand any city and every small village have melodic and impressive concerts, open air events and recital on its event program. Of course also international music stars give guest performances in the concert halls of the big Italian towns.