Rimini: seaside & party resort par excellence

Hardly another seaside resort in the upper part of the Adriatic coast is as famous as Rimini. The adjective “famous” is valid not only for the extensive and always well-attended beaches, but also for the notorious party mall, which invites young guests to celebrate for days and nights.

15 kilometers of coast, more than 200 bathing beaches with sunshades and deckchairs, more than 1,100 hotels and guesthouses of every category… The facts of the capital of the province Rimini are more than convincing and explain, why does the town attract every year about 1.5 million visitors from all over the world.

Rimini’s history began in 268 BC as Roman colony with the name Ariminum – today it is a place where bathing and party tourism are first in line. On the one hand of course the beaches and bays around the promenade “Marina Centro” in the heart of Rimini rank among the main attractions. From sunbathing and boat trips to every conceivable kinds of sport on and in the water – as regards holidays marked by summer, sun and beach, the coastal town in Emilia-Romagna covers the whole range.

On the other hand Rimini satisfies not only during the day. Some people even claim that a week of holiday in Rimini lasts 14 days, because there is always something to do at night, too. The party mall ranges from the south of the old town to the neighboring village Riccione. Beach and street bars, pleasant aperitif bars, discos and nightclubs are available en masse and easily reachable with the shuttle bus called “Blue Line”.

Nonetheless Rimini has also a leisurely and most of all cultural side including for instance the Gothic dome with renaissance façade. On the medieval Piazza Cavour you’ll find a wonderful fountain. Worthwhile detours lead also to the square Piazza Tre Martiri – once the ancient forum, the Roman triumphal arc and the Tiberius Bridge. Not forgetting the renaissance Sismondo Castle, diverse museums and a fascinating miniature park