Activities for families

Normally lively kids don’t really like it to spend a vacation with sunbathing on the beach or long-lasting sightseeing of museums and churches. In fact action and entertainment are in great demand. Fortunately a holiday in Italy is full of leisure time activities in “small format”.

For instance kids will have fun with cycling or climbing, if the tours are suitable for children, not too long and not too difficult. On flat sandy beaches bathers of any age can unhurriedly swim, plash and build castles. Family-friendly skiing regions are characterized by professional ski kindergartens and ski schools, guaranteeing snow fun even for the youngest ones.

You just have to know what and where! By now many holiday resorts throughout Italy are prepared for the whishes and requirements of families with children and the offer is no longer limited to the classical seaside resorts on the Adriatic Sea.

Every region has its specialties – from exciting hikes in the mountainous north through pleasant bike tours in the green lowlands to best water fun along the coast, the lakeshores and on the islands!