Latium- cradle of the occidental civilization

A trip through the Italian region Latium is comparable with a glance into a history book. Geographically and historically in the heart of Italy, it is indispensable to explore step by step the many traces of the past.

As the cradle of the occidental civilization the central Italian region offers numerous natural and cultural treasures. While you admire masterpieces of the antiquity in the Italian capital, volcanic lakes, gentle hills, vineyards and spectacular coastal sceneries characterize the region of Latium.

Moving through the ancient and medieval villages and towns the close ties with the Roman Empire are still very close. On the traces of the Romans and Etruscans you discover the indelible mark of their power while hiking through the rolling hills of the volcanic lakes of Bolsena near Viterbo.

Latium is further known for the healing power of its water. Already the ancients recognized the importance of the wonderful thermal springs. Mainly the Romans built ornate thermal baths, such as the famous Caracalla thermal bath.

The rolling hills of Latium ensure various activities in the fresh sea air, among them mountain biking, hiking, climbing and walking, but also skiing in the ski resorts of Terminillio and Leonessa are very popular.

Unique experiences as well as intense feelings accompany the visitors. Hearty, traditional dishes like gnocchi, spaghetti alla carbonara and all'amatriciana promise real culinary delights.