Genoa: between commerce, culture and tourism

Genoa is the capital of Liguria, with more than 800,000 inhabitants. It is the sixth Italian town for population and part of the industrial triangle Milan-Turin-Genoa.

The ancient Maritime Republic of Genoa overlooking the Ligurian Sea and has a long history, tied to commerce and navigation, not for nothing its port is the largest in Italy. In Genoa was born, one of the most famous sailors in the world: Christopher Columbus.

The symbol of the city of Genoa is its flagship, the so-called “Lanterna”, which is right next to the port.

Genoa has been transformed over the years into a very popular tourist center, in addition to being recognized as a center of culture and science. Very popular in Genoa, the Expo with the Aquarium, which collects fish from all over the world!

Walking through the streets of Genoa you will see among shops, restaurants and quaint shops, the noble past of Genoa: sixteenth-century mansions, baroque buildings, fine churches and small beautiful squares. Do not miss a visit to Palazzi dei Rolli, Unesco World Heritage, which helps us to imagine the atmosphere that reigned in Genoa between the '500 and the '600 and the Palazzo San Giorgio, where there was the Banco di San Giorgio, the oldest Bank of the world.

The Golfo Paradiso, is known worldwide for its extraordinary beauty! In the village overlooking the sea the maritime tradition is still very much alive, such as in Camogli with its picturesque harbor, the fishing boats and maritime museum.

In the valleys around Genoa, it is easy to find patrician houses  that were built by noble and bourgeois families who came here to spend their summer vacation. The mild climate and the hilly landscape is ideal for long walks, bike rides, horseback riding and wine tours.