La Spezia: nature and culture

La Spezia is a city of Liguria. After Genoa, is the largest and most populated one. The city is located a few kilometers from the border with Tuscany, at the extreme east of the region, right in the middle of a deep natural bay called the Gulf of Poets, surrounded by an impressive range of hills with peaks that reach around 750 meters.

The province of La Spezia is much appreciated by its visitors for its natural and architectural beauty. The National Marine Park of Cinque Terre, the hills overlooking the sea, the Park of Monte Marcello, Porto Venere, the Valley of the Magra and Vara, are just some of the natural beauty that you can admire here!

Lovers of culture and history, will have the opportunity to enjoy a rich and diverse artistic heritage, a demonstration of how man and nature can coexist.

In the center of La Spezia, there are several museums such as The Museum Ubaldo Formentini, the Lia Museum, the Naval Museum which house respectively: archaeological, prehistoric and Roman paintings by Tintoretto, Tiziano, Pontormo and nineteenth-century figureheads of ships and war instruments .

Even the nearby town worth a visit! Luni, Portovenere, Lerici, Sarzana, Levanto, Varese Ligure and the small villages of the Val di Vara collect artistic testimony of history and culture of La Spezia.

Needless to say that those who choose La Spezia for the summer, can spend time on beautiful beaches and crystal clear seas.