Bergamo, a city of many faces

Bergamo is a city in Lombardy, which stands on a hill and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding plain. His profile, with high towers seems an impressionist painting. After passing the main gate, Porta St. Augustine, you enter the center of this quaint historic village.

Just past the door, welcoming visitors, the monumental fountain of white marble and gray sandstone, from whose center flows a cheerful fresh spring water jet.

Continuing after the fountain until you reach the old town Square, a true example of art. Dominating the square from above, the Torre Civica, on which you can come up with a fast, modern lift and a 360° view.

Bergamo is a city that has much to offer to those who stop and enjoy, in addition to cultural opportunities there are also many suggestions for those who love active life, hiking, cycling and skiing.

The ski resorts of Monte Pora, Coleraine, Val Brembana, Spiazzi Gromo and Lizzola are ideal destinations for winter holidays with family or friends.

Hikers, however, may go up to San Marco Pass and visit the trenches of the First World War or reach Campelli Pass or Vivione Pass that communicates with the neighboring Vallecamonica.

For lovers of well-being, not to miss the Baths of San Pellegrino.