Bergamo, the town of the two lakes

The city of Bergamo on its territory boasts two lakes: Lake Iseo and Lake Endine. Lake Iseo is a popular destination for tourists who enjoy outdoor holidays, retirement, sports and local products.

Worth a visit the countries bordering on the shore of Lake Iseo, such Sarnico, Lovere Predore, Tavernola and Riva di Solto, unique and beautiful places. In the middle of the lake is also Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe.

The lake has a rocky and wild coastline, but very attractive, especially for those who prefer not crowded beaches. Rocks overhanging the sea, crystalline waters of the lake and the wilderness are truly a sight not to be missed during your stay in Bergamo and its surroundings.

A few miles from Lake Iseo, is the Lake Endine with the villages of Spinone al Lago, Endine, Monasterolo, Ranzanico and Bianzano.

The Endine Lake is very picturesque and offers many possibilities for water sports such as canoeing, sailing, water skiing and windsurfing. The bravest also practice aquatic paragliding and diving.

To fully enjoy the beauty of these lakes, we recommend a cruise on the ferry on Sebino, the picturesque tour of three islands or night cruises with dinner on board, very romantic.