Brescia: Lioness of Italy

Brescia is the second largest municipality by population in Lombardia, the nickname Lioness of Italy, derives from the role that Brescia has played, during the Italian Risorgimento.

Brescia is located in the upper Po Valley, at the foot of Mount Madeleine and the Col Cidneo. In the north are the foothills of Brescia, while in the east the territories of Franciacorta, famous for its wines. On top of the hill Cidneo, you can still admire the Castle of Brescia.

Walking through the city center, as well as numerous shops, bars and restaurants, wander through the square hole of Brescia, the most important complex of ruins from Roman times to the whole of Lombardia, with the imposing ruins of the theater and the adjacent Capitolium Roman.

Brescia is also famous for being the point of departure and arrival of the famous and historic Mille Miglia vintage cars competition which is held usually in May, along a path that leads from Brescia to Rome.
In Brescia, you can  visit the Museum of Santa Giulia, the numerous exhibitions and initiatives it proposes and the various artistic and cultural points of interest scattered throughout the city, including the Duomo Cathedral and the old or new as the Castello di Brescia.

There are also many citizens' initiatives organized by various associations, such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals and sporting events, which attract many visitors throughout the year.