Mille Miglia, a dream that never ends!

A very exciting and unique race, to make only the Mille Miglia, not just its history of more than 80 years, the champions who have participated, classic cars whizzing safe on the streets of Italy, what makes it unique is the spirit that animates it, the magic that seems to break out each engine before departure or during the race.

The Mille Miglia was born with arguably the Automobile Club Brescia, after a series of other competitions, which served as a bit 'to test, it was thought an event of speed over long distances, given to the car, so it was easy to organize assistance and supplies and to bring the cars on the roads around half of Italy.

The event benefits both the car manufacturers, who found a very innovative way to get publicity, so that both the government could introduce the world to modern Italy and in step with the times and the same people who saw the improved roads used .

The route of the Mille Miglia was brought from Brescia and Rome and back along a route of about 1600 km, quite a few 'street for the time!

Usually the competition for a period of 5 days, with several stops along the way, during which fans have the chance to admire classic cars from near and to imagine themselves behind the wheel of a horse of another era!