Como, on the shores of Lake

"Quel ramo del lago di Como, che volge a mezzogiorno, tra due catene non interrotte di monti, tutto a seni e a golfi..."It is with these words that Alessandro Manzoni began the most important work, I Promessi Sposi, and described the lake of Como.

Como is a small town in Lombardia, located along the banks of the lake. Como is situated in a valley and is surrounded by unspoilt countryside, mountains and forests. The lake and the mountains behind, offer fascinating and varied landscapes. We move from the shores of the lake and its clear waters, rocks and woods and meadows of rich green.

The beauty of Como and its environs, has encouraged the construction, all around the lake villas and residences with large gardens and terraces are also many famous actors who choose to buy a house for your holiday to Lake Como or people who have spent their vacations here or even get married in Como.

The climate is mild and pleasant lake, by boat to the center of the lake, where they join the three branches of the lake where you can enjoy a splendid view over the promontory of Bellagio and dominating the northern Grigna Valsassina.

In addition to the lake, of great importance to historical monuments in the center, such as the Duomo and the Basilica of Sant'Abbondio.

The city of Como is several centuries a lively shopping and tourist center. You are here tesili different industries of silk, which made the city famous throughout the world.