The name Limone often misleading, one might think in fact, which stems from the fact that in this area for hundreds of years have grown lemons. In fact it seems that the name derives from the Latin limen, which means border.

Limone, because of its position in the past was a very isolated town, easily accessible only through the waters of the lake, it was only in 1932 with the construction of the road Gardesana that Limone became accessible by car.

Limone beginning based its economy mainly on fishing, with the arrival of tourism and the construction of infrastructure that facilitate access, very soon became a popular destination especially for those who enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake.

Limone, is also famous for the discovery of a particular protein in the blood of its inhabitants, who seems to have a positive influence on their health and longevity, which could be the basis for a revolutionary drug against atherosclerosis.

Limoneis undoubtedly the ideal destination for lovers of the lake and family vacations, the structures of the area will make you feel at ease and make you unforgettable holidays all year round!