Milan - Capital of Fashion

Milan is set in Paris and London, one of the capitals of fashion, known and respected worldwide for his style and his glamorous!

But Milan is not only bridges, beautiful shops, clubs and parties, Milan is a fascinating city, metro, able to unite past and present, tradition and modernity in a unique way.

In Milan held as well as the most important social events, including conferences, exhibitions, the most important exhibitions in the world, most notably the Expo2015, just to be hosted by the city of Milan!
Arriving in the center, the Duomo of Milan, recently completely restored exterior, stands tall and white on the square, always crowded with tourists as well as from citizens who see themselves running with a briefcase under his arm from one office to another, from the underground to the bus.

Looking at the cathedral, next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, with its beautiful dome and the shops of the most prestigious designers. In addition La Scala, where every year they are played the most beautiful representations of which the first is expected each year with great trepidation.

The center is only part of Milan, Parco Sempione, the green lung of the city, the ships, the most popular among young people for its local, Corso Buenos Aires, with its endless shops and showcases something for every budget!

Milan is a city that will undoubtedly fascinate and conquer!