Milan host Expo 2015

Milan, in recent years has been given the task of really great prestige in the world, will be Milan, in fact, in 2015 to organize the Expo, Universal Exposition of non-commercial nature which involves many countries.

The international body that regulates the frequency, quality and conduct of the exhibition is the Bureau International des Expositions (abbreviated BIE), an international convention signed in Paris in 1928. Currently, the BIE, adhere well 157 countries.

It dates back to 1851, the first Expo, held in London, given the great success of the event, other nations were compelled to engage in the creation of something special, as it did in 1889 Paris, who wished to celebrate his Expo with the construction of the Eiffel Tower.

Each Expo is dedicated to a theme of universal interest and aims to expose the major technological innovations that support the daily challenges to humanity in favor of progress.

The theme of Expo 2015 in Milan will be: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, the center of the event and then also a theme of a humanitarian nature that unfortunately involves most of the planet. Topics that will be drawn primarily are: nutrition, proper distribution of resources, sustainable development, the development of the poorest countries and the right of every human being to health and life.

The Expo 2015 will provide basic productive communities, farmers, food businesses, the chain of logistics and distribution, to the catering sector, research centers and companies the ability to communicate and discuss, in search of a goal common to carry on.

During the Expo, will also be presented and made ​​known to the world, the high quality of traditional Italian food, kitchens and regional products, biodiversity and the Italian culture of fine living.