Varese, the garden city

Varese is a city of Lombardia of more than 81,000 inhabitants.Varese is known as the garden city, the many parks and gardens that are located in the municipality, most of which belong to this area of villas built in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries, in the past and more recently by noble families and representatives from industrial upper middle class, originating mainly in Milan, seeking an escape from Varese to the hectic city life and a greater contact with nature.

Varese is located at the foot of the Sacro Monte of Varese, which is part of the Massif of the field of flowers, where there is also an astronomical observatory and a weather station.

The territory of Varese is crossed by numerous rivers including the Olona, Legnone, and Torrent Vellone. In Varese is also a lake called Lake Varese and scattered in the province are numerous other lakes, including Lake Maggiore.

In Varese, especially during the summer, we organize events and festivals which attract many people each year, to name just a few: Open Jazz Varese, Black & Blue Blues Festival, Varese Gospel Festival and Brebbia Newrante Rockfestival.

From Varese is possible to explore the surrounding area! Cycling, you can explore itineraries such as: Cittiglio Woods, Lake of Varese and Marsh Brabbia, Parco del Ticino, Luino, Lake Maggiore and many others.

For lovers of fine cuisine, dishes to try: the formaggella Luino, a semi-hard cheese with a sweet flavor and aroma and delicate violin Curiglia ham, made from goat's or sheep's legs, the wines produced in vineyards in the area as Angera, the hermitage of Santa Caterina and of course the gorgonzola cheese.