Varese, the province of lakes

Varese, as well as the Garden City, can be defined as the province of lakes, there are about a dozen bodies of water that are located in Varese and its province.

The large number of lakes in the area, is due to the fact that here, there were several glaciers thousands of years ago. The gradual disappearance of these huge mountains of ice, and the erosion of the underlying soil, have given rise to numerous lakes in the area.

The local lakes are: Lake Maggiore, Lake Varese, Lake Lugano, Lake of Monate, Lake Comabbio, Lake of Ganna, Ghirla Lake, Lake Briandronno, the lakes and Brinzio Montegrino Valtravaglia and Lake Delio.

The views that you can see around these lakes are intimate and sweet and reminiscent of fairy-tale images.

One of the lakes full of events and activities and without doubt the Lago Maggiore, where he taught in the course of many sporting events, cultural events and meetings of various kinds.

The mountains surrounding these lakes are all at around 1600 meters, ideal terrain for hiking and cycling in the company of your family!