Macerata: art, culture and a lot of music

The capital of the province of the same name in the Italian Marche isn’t situated in the immediate vicinity of the Adriatic coast, but south of Ancona about 25 kilometers in the interior. Thanks to its location on a 300 meter high hill the center with circa 43,000 inhabitants offers a wonderful view of the gently rolling countryside all around.

Macerata, the university town with medieval roots, is characterized by an elegant, tasteful and never obtrusive ambience that today still testifies to the fame and wealth in former times. Allegedly the town itself was formed in the 12th century due to a union of the civil settlement Castrum Maceratae and the religious center Podium Sancti Juliani. Most of the buildings in the old town were built between the 16th and the 19th century.

So it is obvious that a sightseeing tour is a must during a holiday in Macerata in the Marche. There you’ll see for instance the time-honored university as well as the splendid columned entrance hall of a building called Loggia dei Mercanti and diverse elegant town houses such as Palazzo dei Diamanti, Palazzo Buonaccorsi or Palazzo Compagnoni Marefoschi.

A large number of historical buildings are located around the Piazza della Libertà, the main center of Macerata, where you’ll find also the probably highest clock tower throughout the region. One of the most important sacred buildings of the city is the cathedral. It was constructed in the second half of the 15th century and holds a reliquary of Saint Julianus, the patron saint of town. Other treasures of art and literature are waiting in the library Mozzi Borgetti, in the Carriage Museum, in the Natural History Museum and in the local art gallery with ancient and modern exhibits.

In addition to that in Macerata music – rather opera – plays a significant role: With the Arena Sferisterio the city disposes of one of the most important opera open-air theaters throughout Italy. Every year during the tuneful summer festival there are presented the most famous arias of the history of music under the starry firmament.

Of course you can expand your sphere of activity during and see also the sea during your holiday in Macerata in the Marche. Therefore it’s advisable to go on a trip to the Adriatic coast, for instance to Porto Recanati, Riviera del Conero or San Benedetto del Tronto down in the south.