Campobasso: like a movie scene

Granted, Campobasso is not the number one destination in Italy. At first sight, the capital of Molise doesn’t appear to be very exciting, but you shouldn’t make a jumpy conclusion.

Some of you may already know the city. The German novel "Maria, he doesn’t like it!” by Jan Weiler, which was also filmed in English, is set in Campobasso. And there it isn’t boring at all, but exactly like you would imagine a small Italian city from movies and books. The laundry is hung out to dry between the windows of narrow alleys, each meal is more like a feast and stress – what’s that, please?

Campobasso is built up like many southern cities: Dozens of small old houses are tightly packed together on and around a hill. The university town has also countless churches and palaces and many of them are really worth a visit. One of them is the Sant’Antonio Abate Church, which shows wonderful marble altars.

A bit outside of Campobasso you find Saepinum. Here you can visit the best preserved ruins of a Roman town – usually without a big tourist rush. The old city gates, the theater and much more remind of a bygone time.

Not every city has to be world-known and crowded to become a destination on your journey through Italy. During your holiday in Campobasso in Molise, you can really plunge into the typical Italian life.