Termoli: Molise‘s Rimini

Termoli is a coastal city by the Adriatic Sea and probably the only real tourist town in Molise. Vast sandy beaches and clean facilities invite you to visit the bathing resort.

Besides the "big ones" like Jesolo, Rimini and Co. Termoli has become an increasingly popular holiday destination on the Adriatic Sea – and rightly so! The latest equipment and a great infrastructure and transport network, guarantee you perfect beach holidays.

If the weather isn’t that fine as it uses to be, you don’t have to worry. The city in Molise offers plenty of alternatives: The cultural highlight is of course the old town of Termoli. With a huge castle as center, the entire town is surrounded by a thick wall – and on three sides by the sea, because the city was built on a spit of land.

In 1240 the dynasty of Hohenstaufen, rather Frederick II gave the fortress its current look. In addition to the enormous value of the fort itself, there were found unique wall paintings from the 16th century. Besides, researchers found out by excavations that there was a village underneath nowadays Termoli already 600 BC.

Crystal clear water and all sorts of water activities give boredom no chance. Anyone who still wants to go on a special trip has to take a ferry to the Tremiti Islands. Except for its approximately 500 inhabitants, there you’ll only find splendid natural sceneries and cliffs – a must for divers!

In Termoli, the traffic network is very favorable. Perfect train and road links provide an easy access ashore, while the largest port in the region is heavily used by shipping. So nothing is a drag on your holiday in Termoli.