Italian beaches

Italy is a peninsula very touched by 5 seas: Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Mediterranean and Ligurian. Each of these seas has beaches also very different, the Ligurian coast, for example, are more rock, as well as Puglia and Campania, Veneto instead you can find endless stretches of sand before reaching the sea in Sicily alternate coasts sandy with rocky beaches.

You can find really unique for everyone on the Italian coast, the best equipped and crowded as those of the Adriatic, the most isolated and peaceful as those Islands for example.

The Italian waters offer very beautiful coastline, rich in small towns and fishing villages, where you can stop for a short stop cooking, buy some local produce and a refreshing ice cream or a drink!

Italian beaches are certainly ideal for those who want to make family vacations, with younger children, who can have fun building sandcastles or collect seashells on the seashore.