Alessandria: rich in history and culture

The city in Piedmont offers the visitor an impressive picture. It lies between two tributaries of the mighty Po and is surrounded by the hills of Monferrato. Alessandria got its name by the Pope Alessandro III.

If you are walking through Alessandria, you probably will take notice of the great Piazza della Libertà. With its lofty palaces it forms the entrance to the heart of the city. There, small streets and alleys lead you to numerous boutiques and shops and you don’t have to hurry at all. The city is famous for its traditional cafes and most of all for its bakeries.

But don’t nibble too much, because there is a wonderful march to do not far from Alessandria. By car you can go to the Sacro Monte di Crea, one of nine sacred mountains. On the top you find a breathtaking pilgrimage church, which is, part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage together with the other sacred mountains.

A star-shaped citadel, once a huge fort, witnesses the historical and military importance of the city. Till 2007 it was used for military purposes, but nowadays horse races, flower markets and other events can be arranged in the former fortress.

If you go on holiday to Alessandria, you have to buy or at least to try on a Borsalino hat. Stars like Robert Redford, Marlon Brando and many others helped this hat to its success and worldwide fame. That could be a reason for the high price of the hat, which has its origin in Alessandria.

Alessandria should get a fixed place on your list, when you are travelling through Piedmont. In and around this beautiful town, there is a lot to discover.