Asti: the city of sparkling wine

This quaint little town was founded by the Romans, which called it Hasta. After the Roman Times, the Middle Ages left big traces in Asti. With these origins and its charm of a typical Italian city, Asti remains in the visitor’s heart.

As Asti in Piedmont became a bishop city and an important trading centre, for a while it was among the most powerful cities in Italy. Nowadays it is still an important place regarding wine trade, thanks to the famous sparkling wine Asti Spumante.

In addition to its excellent wines the city offers lots of other delicacies. For example cheese, which was already made in the 19th century and valuable truffles of the province. Fine food and wine, combined with the medieval atmosphere of Asti, guarantee an unforgettable experience.

You should also have a look at the countless buildings in the city. In Piedmont only Torino is as rich in art and architecture as Asti. You can choose between a Gothic cathedral, a Romanesque bell tower and numerous buildings from the Middle Ages. There is also a crypt at the San Secondo Church, which houses the relics of a holy saint.

In Asti it is as if time has stood still for a while. Enjoy this atmosphere, the delicacies and the stunning architecture in a unique city, which is really worth a visit.