Torino: Queen of Piedmont

Torino in Piedmont is the capital and one of eight provinces in the region. Culturally and economically it is one of the most important cities in Italy.

The Romans have once built their typical rectangular street system in Torino. Several centuries later, thanks to monumental royal buildings, the Baroque made its way into the city. Nowadays, millions of people are fascinated by this incomparable combination.

The Piazza Castello is forming the heart of the city. Here you can find the Palazzo Madama, which is two thousand years old and the Palazzo Reale, the Royal Palace. Both of them and much more residences of the Savoy were added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Torino also offers loads of interesting museums, which are worth a visit. The highlight for sure is the Mole Antonelliana, the symbol of Torino. Once, the film museum was the highest accessible building in the world.

But there is more to see than “just” a couple of impressive buildings. In the Cathedral of San Giovanni you can have a look at the famous Shroud of Torino. Some experts proclaim that this shroud bears the image of Jesus of Nazareth. But most time you’ll probably have to be satisfied with a copy – the original shroud gets displayed only every 25 years.

The foundations of Fiat and Lancia in 1899 and 1906 were the beginning of Torino’s industrial rise. At Lingotto, a suburb of Torino, Fiat built the once largest car factory in the world. Now, instead of the factory there is an exhibition centre, a cinema, a hotel and a big shopping center. So it is totally worth the visit.

If you leave the center you meet numerous castles, vast plains and beautiful mountain landscapes that characterize Torino as well as his inner city. Anyone planning a vacation in Piedmont should not miss Torino at all.