Alpine Specialties

During a vacation in the mountains, in addition to hiking, skiing, bike tour and contact with nature, everyone expects to find traditional and succulent dishes .

If you say dumplings, cheese and polenta, mushrooms and goulash, you will surely think of of a quaint mountain retreat, fireplace, beautiful table set with the traditional red checkered tablecloth, the smell of melted butter coming from the kitchen and the warm hospitality of mountain people!

In the evening, returning to your hotel or your apartment you can enjoy the most typical dishes, have breakfast with bread and home made jam and honey, taste the homemade pasta, drink wine or grappa produced by wineries and then let the sweet delight of homemade cakes, fruit tarts and “Kraffen”!

The mountain invites you to make physical activity and being outdoors, this puts a great appetite, and the typical mountain dishes will satisfy even the hungriest!