Local Products

One of the reasons why Italy is known around the world is for its products, tasty and wholesome foods that are imitated all around the world: pasta, tomato, Parmesan cheese, ham, mozzarella and wines are exported and imitated all over the world!

In order to ensure the quality of these products, you are dealing with numerous acronyms: PDO, PGI, DOCG, DOC, IGT are just some of them, when we find one of this on a product we can be confident about its origin and about  how it is produced.

Pasta, pizza, wine and cheese are the base of the famous Mediterranean cuisine, also recommended by dieticians as complete and balanced diet to ensure good health and good physical condition!

Eating in Italy is certainly one of the pleasures during the holiday, a plate of “spaghetti al pomodoro”, a “fiorentina” or a good “tiramisu”? What do you prefer eating on holiday?