Wines and Wineries in Italy

Italy not only for its excellent cuisine is also well known for its fine wines, whose production has very ancient origins and gives excellent quality wines and really great!

Almost every region of Italy can boast of its features grapes and as a result of special wines: in Alto Adige Gewurztraminer is produced and Lagrain, Veneto Prosecco and Soave, Chianti in Tuscany, Sicily Marsala, in Campania, the Greek di Tufo, Vermentino di Gallura in Sardinia.

The vineyards in Italy are able to flourish thanks to the climate of each region and thanks to the ground where they grow, the temperature, the humidity and the amount of sun to convey wine characteristics and different intensities.

During a trip to Italy a visit to one of the many wineries scattered throughout the territory is always a unique experience to share with friends or the whole family! There is no better opportunity to know the wines produced in a given area, accompanying them to the local products and why not bring home a bottle for a toast when we got home in honor of beautiful vacations!