Olbia- The happy city

The city’s and port’s roots go back to the Punic-Roman antiquity. Today, the happy city has grown thanks to its proximity to the Costa Smeralda into a modern city full of life.

The province of Olbia is separated in the north by a narrow strait from Corsica and borders in the east on the Tyrrhenian Sea. In the 5th century BC Olbia (from the Greek olbios meaning happy) was founded by the Carthaginians. Under the reign of the Romans Olbia grew to the most important Sardinian port of export.

Thanks to the diverse landscape of sea, plateaus and mountains, Olbia is very popular for various activities in the great outdoors. Wandering alone or with experienced guides you explore rocks, forests and the streams of Mount Limbara. Besides excursions e.g. through the foothills of Capo Figari, visitors conquer the sea by boat trips, diving or kayaking expeditions.

Nevertheless who loves it comfortable and relaxed, find pure relaxation on the most beautiful beaches in Olbia. Dedicate yourself to the well-being and forget the everyday life. Concentrate fully on the physical and mental well-being. However on the Costa Smeralda elegance determines the life on the seaside. The brilliant peacock blue sea and the white iridescent sand beaches take over the impressive landscape of the coastal region.

As the fourth largest town of Sardinia, the city is considered a flourishing commercial town, which is due to its particular closeness to the port of great economic importance for the whole island.