Santa Teresa di Gallura

The former fishermen village has become during the recent centuries a lively little coastal town. The extraordinary rock formations, which are over and over interrupted by beaches, form one of the most marvelous coastal scenery of Sardinia.

The pretty fishermen village Santa Teresa di Gallura is situated at the most northerly point of Sardinia, in front of the southern tip of the neighboring island Corsica. Small pastel-colored houses with red roofs and cozy little bays with sandy beaches fit perfectly in the landscape and exude a magical charm of the island.

The spacious Piazza Vittorio Emanuele is the center of the village. Especially in the evening people meet in restaurants and bars and revive the streets of the town center on warm summer nights. Visitors spoil their palates with delicious Mediterranean and Sardinian cuisine, and during a stroll through the market stands get in touch with the sweet "dolce far niente".

Santa Teresa di Gallura is especially due to the port of great importance for the island. Already in antiquity and Middle Ages the port easterly of the town was a significant pier for local sailors. Today the port has next to the quay for the fishing boats numerous piers for sports boats and yachts.

However the fishermen village has a relatively new character, which is especially evident by the typical rational planning of the 19th century: Straight lines, which run rectangular are among its characteristics. In 1808 the town was designed by King Vittorio Emanuele I. who named it after his wife Maria Teresa.