Palermo: The city of superlatives

Mediterrean exoticism in Palermo: byzantine art treasures, a picturesque landscape, a colorful, tasty tour through the various cuisines of the world and a huge amount of Italian lifestyle, this is Palermo.

The capital Palermo is the cultural, political and economic center of Sicily. The bustle at the port and the markets, the typical Italian hustle on the streets, the ruins of the old town, Byzantine mosaics, Arabic domes, Norman royal tombs and Baroque churches amaze its visitors.

Normans, Saracens, Greeks, Romans and the Spaniard have left their traces in the city and take us into a long forgotten time. Special highlights are the Cathedral, the Norman castle and the churches of San Cataldo and La Marorana. Above all, especially the Arabs have left their hints in the city, considering the red-colored onion domes of the towers and the numerous Arabic -Norman mosaics. Today, Palermo is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Italy.

Palermo is a distinctive city. The lively hurry and enthusiasm at the markets and the port, give the city with its historical and cultural monuments, a colorful gamut of colors coupled with the scents of thousand cuisines of the world.

In Palermo visitors see the Italian lifestyles, a powerful mix of creativity and an impressive vivacity through a kaleidoscope.