Palermo: yelling pleasure

They look more like a market in Marocco or Algeria- at the markets in Palermo visitors experience pure Arabic trading. Close market stalls, haggling bargainers and a dizzying variety of scents and colors dominate the image of a traditional market place.

Still nowadays after hundreds of years of the Saracens’ power, the arabic character is still dominating Palermo. Among the most important markets are the market of La Vucciria and Mercato di Capo.
What would a market be without haggling bargainers? If one follows the name of the market La Vucciria, meaning in sicilian “the voices”, you immediately understand that it is the voice which is prevailing the markets.

Among the characteristics of a traditional market are a sumptuous selection of delicacies, the yelling merchants, the scramble and the constant bustle. Sicilian farmers sell fresh fruits and vegetables from their own cultivation, spices, and other exquisite delicacies such as boiled octopus, Panelle (pea pancake), artichokes and in wine marinated fruits.

If you stroll through the turmoil of the markets, you can taste the many delicacies for free. These include the famous sweet cassata, oysters, raisins and sultanas. The sensual stroll through the markets brings you closer to the pleasures of Sicilian cuisine.

Singing Arabic- Sicilian folk songs the merchants sell their goods. In Palermo, East and West meet and make a deafening noise on a culinary stage of life.