Wellness & spa in the thermal bath Meran

The thermal bath Meran has the motto “immerge and feel good” and therefore it is the ideal place to relax, take a break and enjoy. The interior spaces of the modern oasis of well-being were designed by the star architect Matteo Thun and characterized by much glass, clear structures and noble materials.

Huge picture windows permit the view to an idyllic mountain landscape. In summer the limits between indoor and outdoor are canceled due to the opening of the 50,000 sq. m large thermal park. Many indoor and outdoor swimming pools offer plenty of possibilities for plashing and swimming. Between waterfalls, geysers, showers, palm and rose gardens everybody will find his personal haunt.

The sauna world fulfills every wish, too – with Finnish sweat lodge, block sauna, steam room, aroma and steam bath, cold water basins and snow room. The area “Medical Spa” is dedicated to the beneficial impact of the thermal water of Meran used for medical applications, “Spa & Vital” is addressed to beauty and relaxation. A fitness center and a pleasant terrace café and bistro complete the offer.

Further information:

Thermal bath Meran
Thermenplatz 9, I-39012 Meran
Phone: +39 0473 252 000
E-mail: info@thermemeran.it
Web: www.thermemeran.it