Holidays in St. Ulrich

St. Ulrich is one of the most famous mountain resorts in South Tyrol in Italy. St. Ulrich, is a meeting place for VIPs and celebrities who choose it for their holidays for an infinite number of good reasons: the beautiful landscape, the jagged peaks of the Dolomites, the mountain meadows, woods, picturesque villages and the history and traditions of a valley that has much to tell.

St. Ulrich also has the honor of being the birthplace of one of the most famous mountaineers, storytellers and filmmakers in the mountains: Luis Trenker. And 'thanks to him that the pale mountains of St. Ulrich, have become famous throughout the world.

One thing that is not missing in St. Ulrich is the opportunity to spend hours outdoors, hiking, skiing and climbing, a paradise for lovers of active life and nature!

From St. Ulrich, you can reach Seiser Alm while another plant can reach the mountain Seceda. St. Ulrich is a popular destination especially during the winter!