Sightseeing in Toblach

The country is crossed by the famous Pustertal state, leaving the car in the parking of the country, you can easily visit it on foot!

Toblach always pays great attention to art, every summer, in fact, take place right in Toblach, Gustav Mahler Music Weeks, the genius composer who used to spend his holidays here in Toblach and has composed several works, by the calm, quiet, healthy air and beautiful scenery of South Tyrol.

Toblach also houses the Cultural Centre Grand Hotel, in which there is a hostel, a restaurant, a concert hall by the acoustics and a great big park.

In Toblach there is also a Natural Park that home different animals, open all year round, where children, accompanied by their parents may come into contact with the fauna of the area directly in its habitat.

Do not miss if you are in Toblach to early January, the Balloonfestival Toblach, where they meet every year balloons from all over the world, who does not suffer from vertigo can also book a flight to admire the beauty of Pustertal and its mountains!