Climbing is a passion, a fascination – and hardly elsewhere you will find such fascinating and varied climbing territories as in Italy. Whether handy rocks or endless walls full of scary overhangs, sunny ledges with alpine routes for pros or shadowy crags wit tours even for the youngest climbing fans, in Italy nothing misses out.

Those who are well versed in the climbing scene first of all will think of the unique rock faces around Arco. The little town in the north of Lake Garda is considered as climbing Mecca, as meeting point of the international climbing elite. So it is no wonder that every year there takes place also one of the most important climbing competitions of the world, the so called Rockmaster.

However also other regions offer some interesting places for courageous mountaineers and many crags, alpine climbing tours and fixed-rope routes in other areas aren’t as overcrowd as Arco. For instance we have to mention the prime examples South Tyrol and Trentino respectively the whole territory of the Dolomites, where one challenge follows another.

Wonderful climbing tours can be found also in Feltre, Lumignano or Marciaga in Veneto, in Finale Ligure or even more southern realms as the steep coasts of Sardinia or the shore line of Amalfi. Here or there, climbing in Italy ensures fun and action!