You take a view to the undulating ambience, enjoy the fresh air and the sun, then you focus on the target, brandish the golf club and with a little bit of ability or luck you maybe even make a hole-in-one. In this ways golfers’ dreams come true!

Quite long ago the originally Scottish sport has arrived also in Italy. Several traditional golf clubs already celebrated their centennial jubilee and every year new golf links spring up like mushrooms. No wonder, finally the marvelous natural landscape is an ideal background for a pleasant match between friends.

All in all in Italy there are circa 300 golf courses. In comparison with other European countries this isn’t so much; nevertheless you can exercise this slightly luxurious sport more or less in every region of the country. Moreover you can take advantage of the fact that on the local golf links normally there is no bustle and no rush.

Strikingly many golf courses are located in Emilia-Romagna, in Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and Venetia. The sizes of the links varies from 6 to 36 holes, extensive lawns are as well available as wooded hills and of course there you will always find suitable golf clubs, golf events and golf hotels with special holiday packages for golfers.