Hiking & mountaineering

Solitary routes in the hilly country of Piedmont, famous paths on the Riviera di Levante in Liguria or in Cinque Terre, classic tours leading through the vineyards and olive groves in Tuscany, pleasant tracks in the wild east of Umbria or seemingly indomitable summits in the mountainous north…

How many reasons do you need for hiking holiday in Italy? Hiking is not only a very pleasant, but also a quite simple sport and you don’t need much: a proper pair of shoes, practical clothing, a backpack full of victuals and a map of trails.

Just one thing maybe stops passionate hikers in Italy: the huge selection that makes the choice of the holiday destination difficult. 

Between the Alps, the Dolomites and the Mediterranean Sea you will find an incomparably varied hiking terrain. Whether you would like to explore the country unhurriedly by foot and take spontaneous breaks wherever you want, whether you want to improve fitness, health and well-being during your free time or conquer mountain tops one by one, in Italy you will always find the right offer. Hiking in Italy – there is no better way!