Other sports

Hiking or cycling isn’t your favorite sport, walking or hiking seems boring to you and also skiing or climbing is not the right thing? No problem.

Even if you don’t belong to the classic sportsmen you don’t have to be afraid of being bored during your holiday in Italy, because the selection of other sports is almost infinite.

If you visit the Italian peninsula in summer, for instance you can go on horseback, ride a motor bike or play tennis or miniature golf with the whole family. What about changing perspectives? Finally we can become airborne and explore the particularities of the landscape as paraglider, hang glider or sky diver.

If you rather prefer compact soil under your feet and if you like also the colder seasons, you aren’t limited to the common winter activities, because ice and snow aren’t exclusively reserved for skiers and snowboarders.

For instance also telemark lovers and snowkiters, lugers and ice skaters, winter hikers, hockey players and many others are getting their money’s worth. In short: A holiday in Italy is always full of fun and action!